How long does the patch last? 

The patch can last anywhere from 6-12 hours depending on skin conditions and humidity.  No matter the time it takes to deliver full absorption it will deliver the same results and have similar residual effects.

How many patches can I use at a time and how often?

You can use several patches at a time as often as you would like, but the patches are intended to be used once per day per location of pain.

Can the patches be cut?

Yes the patches are easily customizable to fit around knees or elbows and can be cut to be applied to several areas of pain.  When the patches re cut the active ingredients are reduced proportionately.

What about showering or sports?

The patches are designed for maximum adhesion and an active lifestyle is encouraged as we want you back to normal ASAP.  When showering we advise you attempt to not shower with the patch on but adhesion will vary per person.  Some people may be able to shower with the patch on while others may not.

What about my current HEMP OIL regimen?

The Relief patch was designed to provide the greatest benefit at the lowest level of HEMP OIL possible as to be used in conjunction with oils or creams etc.  If you are using a HEMP BASED pain cream for maintenance, please make sure the skin is free and clear of any grease or residue before applying the patch.

The patch is an excellent alternative to pain creams.

Pain creams are messy, smelly and not accurate.  Applying a uniform amount per use is difficult, plus clothing can absorb some of the active ingredients that were intended for relief.  Most manufacturers of creams stress the use of using after a shower to open pores and maximize absorption because they know the actives will be wiped away under normal daily use.

The patch can be applied as an alternative while knowing you are getting a uniform and consistent application process without any mess, any smell or losing out on any active ingredients being wiped away inadvertently.

Can I use the patch with a cream? 

Yes the patch is excellent for breakthrough pain.  That is the pain that is experienced far above the normal daily pain.  Breakthrough pain usually lasts 3-6 days and during that time you can suspend cream usage and use the patch and then resume cream usage as a maintenance program. 

Can I use the patch to supplement general HEMP usage?                

The patch is not designed to replace an overall full body HEMP OIL regimen.  Consult any professionals prior to making any adjustments to a program regimen.  The patch is intended for localized use only.